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    Do you have that concrete infrastructure that you need to be demolished so you can re-develop or make new plans for other developments? Are you searching for an efficient service that can do a clean job professionally and hassle-free job? Contracting the services of a trained team of specialist will enable you to effectively complete the task needed. There are so many reasons leading to the decision to demolish an already built area and of course, nothing is wrong if you have other plans for that property. Infrastructure demolition and concrete cutting in Whittier California is a task that has been in existence for years and for time to come, it will definitely be a procedure done more often as people have a constant need for change and difference.

    About Us

    We are a cut above the rest not only in what we say but in what we do. We have proven ourselves to be a team of highly trained and experienced experts who possess the skills not only to get the job but to do so and achieve the results you, our clients are looking for.We work to provide the quality that will allow you to be comfortable in trusting us to do the job right the first time around and also to have you constantly feeling satisfied. Junk removal can be more than a simple task at times and if not careful, contracting the services of the wrong company can cost you time, energy and money.

    Our Service

    We cover a wide range of demolition services no matter the area or the extent of the job. We are fully equipped with the relevant tools needed to assess the task you need to be done as well as complete the job. Our demolition services, not limited to, covers:

    Residential Demoltion


    Do you have a building on your residential or commercial property you need to remove to make other development plans for? We have the relevant skills and expertise in demolition and given structure without damage to any other property. We fully understand how both area structures can be and can complete the task as you need.


    Our services also extend to pool demolition for whatever your reasons. Do you feel you no longer need the swimming pool as it is not being used or its maintenance cost is just too much? We can help you solve that issue.

    Pool demolition
    Garage demolition


    No longer need your existing garage or you need to make adjustments and need the current one removed? We have the skills and expertise needed to complete this task for you. We will initially assess and do a complete removal of the structure without causing damage to any other surrounding areas.


    We are a trusted source for providing emergency demolition services to first emergency responders and building owners following structural failure due to fire or other damage. We can respond during an emergency to help mitigate damage or afterward for partial or complete demolition of impacted structures. We are also experts at building separation and dismantling of structures that have been compromised due to an emergency situation or construction failure.

    emergency demolition
    Concrete cutting demolition


    Concrete removal can be a hectic task and if not done by a trained individual or team, you risk causing extensive damage to other close-range structures. We know the value of a clean job thus our services of concrete removal utilize state-of-the-art tools and equipment to complete an excellent job. Whether you have plans as a contractor or a homeowner to remove your existing driveway, sidewalk, pavement or other concrete structure for other developments we can help bring your vision to life.


    Do you have a raised ground you need to be leveled on your property? Let our team of trained professionals help you do it. We have top slated equipment to complete from a simple task to a well complex job no matter the area or land structure. Our knowledge of the industry has equipped us with an understanding of underlying issues such as drainage or water beds and to know exactly how to approach to reduce the chances of other developed problems.

    landscaping leveling
    bobcat services


    Are you making plans for that property you have across town or you feel the need to demolish a structure to make way for new developments? Let our bobcat services be your ultimate choice. We cover a wide range of Bobcat services in this package to include but not limited to land clearing and leveling, structural demolition, junk or emergency debris removal, and excavation-related services. Let us help you get quality results utilizing our years of specialized experiences.


    Need your property cleared of the excess trash that has built up, causing your land to look unattractive? Or have you done your “spring cleaning” of your home and/or office and removed a large bunk of trash? We can have them removes for you efficiently and with a clean result. No matter the unwanted trash you have whether small or in large quantity, we can have it removed. Our junk removal services cover many variables from concrete demolition removal, land clearing removal, and so many others.

    junk hauling

    Contact Us For More Information

    We here at Demolition and Concrete Cutting Whittier California is a team of highly trained and experienced experts who can complete a wide range of demolition and removal services for you. We guarantee you the most efficient services as we make you trust us in everything we do. Our team is certified and licensed by the relevant authorities in California and can assure you, our years of experience has given us the opportunity to grow and improve on the way we offer our services. We can be reached via telephone and email with your concerns and a representative will get back to you within the shortest possible time. We boast state-of-the-art equipment for all our job completion services so you can be guaranteed of the results you are looking for.

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