junk hauling

Having excess trash lying around can be hard to look at and much more to deal with. For sure, no one wants to have a bulk of unnecessary trash that can cause a myriad of problems if not handled efficiently or if not removed.
Have you ever noticed how after some trash are kept in an area for too long, it develops further issues as far as health problems among other factors? Well, let us help you reduce the chances of having the negative after-effects of string up unwanted trash on your property.
We are a team that has over the years been providing junk hauling services in the Whittier CA area and have done trash pickup off both residential and commercial property. We provide the manual labor to remove the trash to the junk haulage carrier and removed to the relevant site for property waste management and destruction.
Is it trash from your farmland that you have cleared and need it elsewhere so you can get on with your work? Well, feel free to contact us and we will get right on the task to remove for you. We will have the area looking clean and as new for your development to start.

What Kind Trash Do You Pick?  
Our trash removal services have a wide reach as we are open to remove any kinds of trash no matter what they are. We not only remove the large bulk trash you have packed out but also the small bits and pieces you don’t want lying around. We are open to picking up smaller size trash to include Boxes, books, small tools, cardboard, tires, paper, rubbish (all types), old iron floorboards, broken tiles and/or glass among so many others.
We also extend our trash removal services to larger reaches that may include a more heavy-duty trash carriage like a van or truck. But what trash would be that large to require such services? We cart away things such as appliance and/or furniture, yard waste, mattress, and other household items, television, refrigerator, foreclosure cleanouts, dumpster rental trash construction wastes among others.
Whatever it is that you don’t need and want to have it thrown out, we are at your service to remove those and much more. We also offer a recycling system that sees larger yet perfectly good items being of use that others could benefit from.

What is the cost of our service?  
Our service cost varies and depending on the trash you are desiring to remove, we can make the necessary price to suit your budget and removal needs. No matter how extensive the task, we can arrange an affordable package that covers the extent of the works you have to be covered. As for pricing, a few factors are taken into consideration such as:

  • Where you are located and the distance you have to take the trash to
  • The value in weight of the item that you are carting away as well as the size of the item
  • Whether you are seeking an emergency or regular cart-away service

​Features of our services  
Our team of experts will ensure the trash removal is a hassle-free process and reduces and/or eliminate the stress of having to remove the trash yourself. We boast a team of professional junk haulers in Whittier California who have been in the industry for years and have always strived to provide satisfaction to all our clients. When you consider using our services, you can be guaranteed of a full package service to include but not limited to cost efficiency, phone and in-person support, free estimates, and a team of friendly yet professional staff.


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