Fountain Valley Tow Truck

Fountain Valley Tow Truck

We provide 24-hour towing services in Huntington Beach, California, for local and long-distance trips. Our professional drivers at Fountain Valley Towing use precautions to ensure that you are safe and to protect your car. The car will be protected on one of our flatbed tow trucks, which are used to keep the four tires of a vehicle off the road during a trip. We also provide some roadside assistance services, such as for flat tires.

Towing Services

You can conveniently schedule an appointment for our local and long-distance towing services. We realize that each customer could have some special requirements, such as having a car towed from a hotel to an auto dealership at 6:00 a.m. for a service appointment. If you are involved in an auto accident, you could want your car to be towed to a city that is 100 miles from Huntington Beach. Our dispatchers will quickly help you with some advice and can also help you to contact the police when you phone our office.

Local Towing Services

If you need to get more information before you choose a destination for your vehicles, such as your home or an auto repair shop, you can schedule our services after you have spoken with a service technician at an auto dealership. Our drivers are familiar with the traffic in Huntington Beach and will choose the best route for towing your vehicle to avoid problems from heavy traffic and road construction. We place a top priority on only providing high-quality services.

Long-Distance Towing Services

Our long-distance towing services are designed to provide convenient options for our customers. You could have been stranded in Huntington Beach when you had some car trouble after a shopping trip or a business meeting. We understand that you would want to have your car towed to your home where you could relax while you are making some decisions about car repair services. Our drivers can tow your car to your home or to an auto dealership in your home city.

Roadside Assistance Services

You can rely on our professional roadside assistance services for some help when you are stranded in your car. We provide car lockout services to open your locked car doors. Our drivers can change your flat tire and will deliver some fuel to your car. We also provide jump-start services. You should not turn off the car engine after a jump-start service unless you have a new battery to replace the battery in your car.

Special Towing Services

With our special services, you could schedule an appointment for having your corporate car towed to your office or your race car towed to a racetrack. We can move a car that is blocking a driveway. You can schedule an appointment if you want to have a car towed to an auto salvage yard. We also offer beach cities towing services to help business owners, such as recovery services for towing a repossessed vehicle. You can rely on the professional services from our Fountain Valley tow truck drivers in Huntington Beach, California.


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