Garage demolition

It is believed that once a garage is built, it will be there forever. However, it can be a little different in the case where you may need to expand or renovate your existing garage and have the need to demolish the current one you have. For sure, it can be a little complicated because most times the garage is built on your house and to have it demolished may put your home or other property at risk of being damaged. Here in Whittier CA, we are among one of the most experienced and highly certified Garage Demolition teams in Whittier California with years of proven quality experience. We have worked with different garage settings and can assure you we can do the job for you just the same.

Why Demolish a Garage?
Demolishing a garage can be the result of any given reason or need you may have. Many persons have done the task before with the goal of having their other plans being fulfilled. But what exactly are some of the reasons which may lead to demolishing a garage in your home or office? We have done our relevant assessment as to why many persons have done the practice and have realized these to be:

  •  Need to be developed or renovated - many homeowners believe over time, renovation is a must in order to stay up-to-date with the times of real estate as well as keep an appearance as per the area your home is located in. Also, the renovation could include expanding the garage area for a different vehicle or for additional space for other needs.
  • No longer needs the garage - whether you believe it or not, not all garages are needed when it has potentially served the purpose it had. Cars have been sold or are no longer at the premises and the owner believes they could use the space for something else. It is also needed for demolishing because it is a bit costly to maintain or repair in the case of any damage it may have sustained.

Do I need a permit for Garage Demolition?
Whether you need a permit to demolish your garage will be answered with both a yes and a no. As for the no, you may not necessarily need a permit if you are in an area that is not listed on the real estate “watch list” or during demolition will not cause any further damages to other surrounding property. However, you may need a permit for demolition if:

  • You needed a permit to construct the dwelling on the property in the first place. Once you initially needed a permit to build, it means the area has greater potential for development or has strong value.
  • You will also need to consider getting another permit if you want to demolish (different from a building permit), as it requires technical tasks and services for the removal.

Our Garage Demolition Service Guarantees  
When you contract our garage demolition services, you will be guaranteed efficiency and quality results. We know the features and skills needed to complete any related project and will provide you will adequate details on how to prepare for the exercise, what to do during as the owner (if needs be), as well as what to do after the process is completed.
We are certified in doing the job, have the relevant licenses and also provide the relevant application assistance for the permit in garage demolition in Whittier. We are a team of highly trained professionals who can provide you with full service and affordable budget-fitted package. We are also openly available for emergency services and can be contacted at any time and a representative will get back to you.


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